Your wedding day is a BIG day for you as a couple. This makes it a BIG day for us as part of your wedding day support team. We treat each wedding day as though we are there to capture the memories of our lifelong friends. We respect these memories you are creating and are honored to get to help capture them in a timeless way to be enjoyed by your family for generations.

Pricing Guide


Up to 8 hrs of Wedding Coverage
Includes Second Shooter
Personalized Portrait Timeline
Engagement Session Included
Digital Gallery with Downloads
Print Release

Starting at $2,800


Full Wedding Day Coverage
Up to 12 hrs of Coverage
Second Shooter Included
Personalized Portrait Timeline
Wedding Detail Consultation
Engagement Session Included
Digital Gallery with Downloads
Print Release
Discounted Bridal Session

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How would you define your style?

I tend to keep my editing on the "cool" side. You will rarely find overly warm tones in my images as it is my goal to keep them timeless. While I do make certain adjustments to stay inline with my particular style, I never drastically change colors and try to keep them natural. I intentionally avoid photography editing trends so that you will love your images just as much 20 years from now as you did on gallery delivery day.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based out of Southern Middle Tennessee and service Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. We LOVE traveling and are always willing to shoot on location. Destination weddings, yes please!

When will we get our photos?

You will receive a sneak peek within a few days of your event. This sneak peak will encompass different things throughout the day. The full wedding gallery will be ready about 12 weeks from your event. (Sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your day). This is because I do not limit the amount of images you receive. The more images received, the longer the edit process. Please keep in mind, I work full time and have kids in addition to my photography journey. So my editing hours happen on the weekends or after bedtime for my little one. :)
Once received, you can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

How many pictures will we receive?

The rule of thumb tends to be around 100 images per hour of shooting. So for an 8 hour day, you can expect between 700-900 images. While there are other factors in overall image count (details provided, wedding party size, family formals set count, etc.) the 100 per hour tends to hold pretty true.

Will each image be fully edited?

This is a GREAT question! People see the term "fully edited" in several different ways. A portrait may be fully edited in your opinion but not someone else's. In wedding photography, your gallery images will all have basic edits to each image delivered. These edits provide a cohesive gallery look for each location and ensure that the images will all look good together. Exposure, temperature, color adjustments and cropping are all examples of edits that are made. What is not done is an image by image "photoshopping" of the gallery. It isn't practical to fully photoshop 1000 images per wedding, nor is it needed for each image. What I do offer is for couples who are enlarging prints, to make a favorite list of the images they will be enlarging and note what changes they wish to make. These may be to remove a blemish or a wild hair